Groom-X Control Post for Evolution Table

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To work optimally at your beloved Groom-X Evolution table, this control post comes in handy! By attaching it to the table, you create extra workspace, and you turn the already existing single control post into a double one.

Double the fun while working

By working with an additional control post, the dog can remain securely on the table and does not have to change position. Working along both ends of the table is smooth and easy.

This grooming aid features 1 adjustable ring on the horizontal arm and 2 rings on the vertical arm, allowing you to effortlessly attach the dog to its neck and belly. The horizontal arm is adjustable in height.

What's more, the 2 vertical rings also provide extra safety. If you have not tightened the horizontal arm sufficiently by using the lever, the arm will fall to the upper ring thanks to the rings and not on the dog.

Conclusion: The grooming session will be safe and comfortable for both dog and groomer!

It’s all in the details

  • Additional control post
  • Adjustable in height
  • Separately available option specially designed for the Groom-X Evolution Table (12GRX037)
  • Easy to install (comes with an instruction manual and the necessary accessories)
  • Material of square tubes: electroplated steel
  • Cleaning instructions: Cleaning can be done with a slightly damp cloth.
  • Dimensions:
    Minimum height: 26 cm
    Maximum height: 106 cm
    Length vertical arm: 127 cm
    Length horizontal arm: 50 cm
    Width square tubes: 3 cm
    Diameter ring opening: 1.8 cm*

* All measured data are approximate.