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The bigger, the better? Not if it depends on the Groom-X Air Lift Mini Grooming Table! This compact, height-adjustable table makes trimming small breeds easier.

It makes your trimming work lighter!
In a grooming salon, you need different types of tables. After all, larger tables are not practical when you want to groom smaller dogs or cats. The animals walk back and forth on the table, so grooming takes more time and can cause stress. 
Due to the smaller working surface of the Air Lift table, small animals have less room to move; they have no chance to crawl away. On this table, the dog is always close to you. This also makes it perfect for treating and checking smaller animals in veterinary practices.
The Air Lift's practical lifting system consists of an air-powered gas spring. This allows dogs, cats and smaller pets to be quickly placed at the desired height and allows you to work comfortably. Pull up the handle at the bottom to raise the table. Pull the handle again and push on the table top to move it down again. 
This trimming table comes with a reliable table bracket that can be easily adjusted using the screw cap and lever. The great advantage of a table bracket is that you can attach the dog with a trim loop and have both hands free for grooming! Moreover, the trim handle can be secured in 2 places: in the corner and on the short side of the table. This gives you the option of using the table bracket to smoothly work on the dog from all sides at all times. 

Another priority during grooming is the safety of the dog or cat. This is why the Air Lift table has a table top with non-slip coating. 
Finally: this mini grooming table does not take up much space. To save extra space between work, the horizontal arm of the control post can be folded . 

It's all in the details
- Mini trim table 
- Height-adjustable (with air suspension system): 
Lowest position table: 68 cm
Highest table position: 102.5 cm*
- Suitable for grooming or trimming small breeds of dogs and cats and other smaller pets (rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.)
- Ideal as additional grooming table in the grooming salon, for consultations in veterinary practices and for home use
- Maximum load capacity: 10 kg
- Includes grooming handle (with 1 ring) which is adjustable in height (from ± 81.5 to 105.5 cm*) by means of the screw button
- Table top dimensions: 60 x 40 cm
- Trim bracket dimensions: 
Length of vertical arm: 85.5 cm
Length of horizontal arm: 23.5 cm
Width of square tubes: 1.5 cm
Diameter opening ring: 1.8 cm
Ring thickness: 6 cm**
- Weight: ± 23 kg 
- Cleaning instructions:  To clean the Table use a slightly wet cleaning cloth and use a designated product from the Kingcide range to disinfect the table top. 

* Measured from the top of the table top to the top of the ring. 
** All measured data are approximate.