Groom-X Acrylic Table top for Evolution Table

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You can customise and upgrade your favourite Groom-X Evolution table with the Groom-X Acrylic Tabletop.

A top tabletop

This transparent tabletop is made of high-quality acrylic, a shock-resistant plastic that withstands a lot more stress than glass and is therefore much less likely to break. Its strong properties make it ideal for frequent use in grooming salons.

With its simple, clear design, it fits into any interior. Moreover, this transparent tabletop improves the sense of space; it has the capacity to make a room appear larger.

Another advantage is that you will see dirt much less easily on it than on dark tabletops. Dust, stains and other dirt can also be easily removed.

In addition, this table option also features an anti-slip pattern. Each dog will therefore stand safely and stably upright on the Groom-X Evolution table and your work as a groomer will go even smoother!

Finally, an LED light can also be installed on the underside of the tabletop. This combination is particularly interesting for grooming dogs with darker coats. After all, you can see even better what you are doing.

It's all in the details

  • Transparent tabletop
  • Separate option specially designed for the Groom-X Evolution Table (12GRX037)
  • Dimensions table frame:
    Length: 115 cm
    Width: 62 cm
    Thickness: 4 cm
  • Thickness tabletop: 1 cm*
  • Made of acrylic plastic
  • Shockproof and exceptionally strong
  • Fits into any interior
  • Anti-slip
  • Easy to clean with a clean and slightly damp cloth
  • Can be combined with a separately available light (16GRX010) for an optimal grooming experience
  • Easy to install (comes with an instruction manual and the necessary accessories)

* All measured data are approximate.