Andis Blade CeramicEdge - Size 10

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Leaves hair 1/16" - 1.5mm and is useful for face, pads and stomach

Andis has designed and patented a Zirconium Oxide Ceramic cutter that is more durable than other ceramics. This ceramic technology has a low heat transfer and friction index which keeps these blades running 70% cooler than traditional steel blades. This results in a substantially longer blade life. A chrome finish resists rust and carbonized steel extends edge life. Compatible with all Andis, Oster, Laube, Conair and Wahl detachable clippers.

Fits clippers in these series: AG, AGC, BG, DBLC, FHC, MBG, SMC & Oster A5, 76 & other models

Advice and Care:

Clean your clipper blade after each use. Do this by brushing away excess hair. Never use water to wash blade as this will corrode the metal over time. After each use lubricate the blade by having the clipper pointing downwards, turning the clipper on and apply 2-3 drops of Andis Clipper Oil across the cutting blade. Run for 20 seconds then stop the clipper, unplug it from the power supply and wipe off the excess oil to prevent oil seeping into the motor. Store blades in a cool, dry place free from humidity and dust.